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An inspiring story of how I chased my dreams of being an entrepreneur when i family had $100per/month and now earning $100,000per/month

“If you wish something whole heartedly, the world conspires to make it yours”. This is one quote which is tells you about me.

This isn’t just the story of making money, but the story of making himself capable, giving himself that chance and position and backing them by his hard work and talent. I was born to a family who had to manage everything in five thousand rupees. The amount which was not even sufficient enough for me to get admitted in an English school, hence i continued my primary and high schooling in an Oriya medium school. But i knew i has to overcome the barrier of language and sharpen my knowledge and skill to do so. I worked with together with my engineering studies to be able enough to pay the fees; from designing creative to making websites to doing other freelance work to ensure i am able to pay my college fees. My dedication earned a job in the third year of college itself. All this didn’t ruin my studies; I went on to score high marks in my engineering degree too.

There is no shortcut of success and you can’t earn whole of amount in a day, you have to step up one after the other. I did my first job in TCS, but i left it after one year only because i wanted to be an entrepreneur, I believed that it is just entrepreneurship which can take me out of the scarcity of money and can help me fulfill all what my dreamt in childhood. Soon i realized that entrepreneurship isn’t a piece of cake with my small experiments. I needed more experience, hence i went for a six months training to Sydney, Australia. I came back and worked for four more years to become closer to his dream of being an entrepreneur.

It takes some serious guts to leave something which is settled for you, and to go behind your dreams to grab it. It is the law of universe that you have to leave somewhere to reach somewhere. After four years of working I soon went to my first start up, it was a web development company, but luck wasn’t on my side this time, I failed, but only to rise back and hit the destiny hard. I went to my  second startup, a profitable one, gave him some good amount of money, I didn’t want to stop, I went on to my third and fourth and so on. Yes, I failed, but they were the events in my life, not me as a person.

I started an unending run, in next three years I had three successful start ups and I invested in two more. Some of my famous startups include Wixty Technologies, VideoVibe,Guestify,HelpMeSon, Taskdove(Acquired By NeedsMatch $162k ), & Recently Ranjan Acquired Brazilian Startup “Kingr”” kindly .So on. This was a tsunami of an startup after the other, looked like a never ending affair.

Is my story inspiring because I was born in a poor family or my story salable because i earns well? No. How many Indians are born poor? Millions; but how many of them strive hard enough to make themselves this capable? One in a million. It is not about earning money in a air conditioned office, it is not the money earned just because of luck but my abilities. Today I challenges that even if  someone give me a laptop and an internet connection I can bring out no less than a hundred thousand dollars a Month, and all this efforts started from the time my family earned hundred dollar a month. Yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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